Terms and Services

Terms and Services

1. Contact details of the seller

Name: Daniel Morgan Books 
office / residence: Jedno
řadá 4 Prague 6, 16000 
VAT ID:  CZ7007179993
Phone: 776 062 847 


2. Information

The goods and price information provided by the seller are binding except for a manifest error. Prices are set with respect to the status, including VAT, excluding delivery costs and any bank charges. We are VAT payers.

An acknowledgment of receipt is not an acceptance. The availability of the goods listed in the web interface is informative and the seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract for this item. The buyer will be informed by a special e-mail about picking or sending. If the seller will not be able to deliver all items, he will ask for expedition consent to send an incomplete order.


3. Delivery of goods


The seller shall deliver the goods to the buyer, within 5 working days of the order confirmation.

The buyer is obliged to take over the goods and pay them. If the buyer does not require a cash on delivery, we are entitled to request payment in advance for the following order.

Orders will be dispatched by Czech Post. 

Shipping: Czech Republic 120 CZK

On prices outside the Czech Republic, the buyer will be informed on request by individual e-mail. 

Others: by calculation

Cash on delivery is payable in cash or by card at takeover. In Slovakia, payment is made in euro.

The tax document will be sent by the seller to the buyer at the same time as the goods.

The buyer is encouraged to review the goods as soon as possible.

If the customer preferred transport by Czech Post, the amount for the book and the transport should be paid by bank transfer. It is not possible to send goods in cash in this case. The postage and packing price is subsequently calculated individually.


4. Cancellation of the order and withdrawal from the contract

The buyer may withdraw from the contract within 14 days of the receipt of the goods, regardless of the way the goods were taken over or the payment was made. 

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time before the delivery of the goods. 

Buyer resigns or surrenders the withdrawal of the contract to the seller within 14 days. The buyer does not need to state why he is withdrawing from the contract. As an announcement, the buyer's statement is sent by e-mail to the address of the facility.

The seller is obliged to refund the buyer the amount fully corresponding to the price of the goods and the paid cost of delivery within 14 days of withdrawal from the contract in the same way as the payment received from the buyer. By the same deadline, the Buyer is obliged to send or hand over the purchased goods to the seller. The seller is not obliged to return the received funds to the buyer before the buyer returns the goods or proves that the goods have been shipped.

The goods should be returned to the vendor (not the cash on delivery) in the same condition as the shipment. The cost of returning goods is borne by the buyer. 

If the returned goods are damaged by a breach of the Buyer's obligations, the Seller is entitled to claim against the buyer a claim for a reduction in the value of the goods and count it on the refunded amount.


5. Complaints and defective performance

The warranty does not apply to:

(a) for items sold at a lower price for a defect for which the lower price has been agreed;  
(b) for wear and tear caused by its normal use;  
(c) for a used item, a defect corresponding to the degree of wear or tear the case had assumed by the buyer;  
(d) if this is due to the nature of the matter,  
e) defects which the buyer knew about the conclusion of the contract,  
f) defects which the buyer himself caused. 

There may be hidden defects, typically, for example, missing pages, unless stated in the description of the goods or the authenticity of the works of art.

Within a period of 24 months, the buyer may claim a claim and request a  defect which means a material breach of the contract  (irrespective of whether the defect is removable or irreparable): 

• removal of the defect by supplying a new item without defect or by supplying the missing item; 
• free repair of defects by repair; 
• a reasonable discount on the purchase price; or 
• refund of the purchase price upon termination of the contract. 

The breach of the contract, which the party in breach of the contract already knew or needed to know that the other party would not have concluded if it would have foreseen the violation, is essential.

6. Claim processing

Buyer is required to file a claim with the seller or person to be repaired without undue delay from the discovery of the lack. If they do so in writing or electronically, they should provide their contact details, a description of the defect and a request for a complaint settlement.

The buyer is required to prove the purchase and identity of the goods (preferably by proof of purchase and leaving the trade signatures for the goods).The deadline for settling the claim runs from the delivery / delivery of the goods to the seller. The goods should be packed in a suitable packaging during transport to avoid damage.

The seller is obliged to decide on the complaint at the latest, within three business days, or if the expert judgment is necessary for the decision. Claims, including removal of a defect, shall be handled by the seller without undue delay, no later than  30  days after its application, unless the buyer agrees in writing for a longer period of time. Upon expiry of this period, the buyer has the same rights as a substantial breach of contract.

The buyer's reseller will inform you about the progress of the claim by e-mail. In the case of a legitimate claim, the purchaser is entitled to a reimbursement of the expense actually incurred.


7. Privacy Policy - GDPR

We process personal data only within the scope of the order.

7.1 Personal takeover

7.2 Mail address for order pickup. Phone in case of failure of this SMS communication.

7.3 We keep all data due to complaints and tax reasons for a period specified by law.

7.4 We keep e-mail correspondence for half a year.

7.5 We do not send any advertising, newsletters, and data to third parties except the shipping company.     

7.6 You have the right to information on registered data and the right to forfeit data whose records are not required by law. 


8. Final Provisions

Mutual disputes between the seller and the buyer are dealt with by the general courts.

By confirming the order / reservation of goods from our online store, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are hereby incorporated into the sales contract.

These general provisions do not limit the seller's ability to conclude a purchase agreement under individually negotiated terms.

The seller is authorized to sell the goods on the basis of a trade license. The trade license is carried out within the scope of its competence by the relevant trade licensing office. Supervision of the personal data protection area is carried out by the Office for Personal Data Protection. The Czech Trade Inspection exercises to a limited extent, inter alia, the supervision of observance of the Consumer Protection Act No. 634/1992 Coll., as amended.