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Driml, Karel. Kašpárkovy zdravotnické táčky : Kašpárkovy výstupy pro loutkové, maňáskové, bramborové a dětské divadlo [Kašpárek's Puppet Skits on Children's Health]. Prague: Společnost Českoslov. Červeného kříže Czechoslovak Red Cross, 1924. 8vo, 18.5 x 13.5 cm. 45pp. Health education for children through puppet skits. Characters encourage healthy diet and warn of the dangers of alcohol, traffic, etc. Illustrated by Josef Lada. VG condition. Driml was a doctor and Ministry of Health official who is credited with popularizing a healthy lifestyle by penning poems, stories and puppet skits to teach children good health. He also created Red Cross films for this purpose. After graduating from the Prague Medical School he studied abroad, including at John Hopkins University. First book edition, previously published in Loukar magazine in 1922. Three holdings: Czech National Library, University College London, Yale.


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