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Analogon - Surrealism, Psychoanalysis, Structuralism - A Crisis of Consciousness, Prague June 1969. Subsequent planned issues then banned and issue 2 would not be published until 1990. Edited by Vratislav Effenberger with contributions from Jiri Brabec, Zbynek Havlicek, Kvetoslav Chvatik. Marxist theorists such as Robert Kalivoda also contributed writings, but this didn't prevent the periodical from being banned. Interview with Levi-Strauss. Translations of Breton, excerpts from Karel Teige's writings. Effenberger did manage to produce this single issue of the new Czech surrealist journal titled "The Crisis of Consciousness", which among other things reproduced Breton and Trotsky's manifesto "For an Independent Revolutionary art," eight pages of extracts from the writings of Zavis Kalandra, and Andre Breton's "Open Letter to Paul Eluard. 96 pages plus appendix with summary in French. Layout and design by Roman Erben. Numerous reproductions of surrealist works from 1930s to late 1960s. VG condition, sunning to spine.


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